Monthly Newsletter Dec/Jan 2019

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to NHP's monthly newsletter section, on this page we hope to be able to discuss all changes that happen and all new produce we get in.

Before we begin we would really like to take this time to explain to you all what it means to support a local business like us. Supporting small family businesses or just a small business starting up is a huge deal for the community, neighbourhood, and most importantly the economy. How does supporting small make such a difference we hear you ask?


When you spend money with us, we are spending money with local farmers to get all the fresh local produce for your dinners, by doing this, we are then giving all the local people jobs on the land, in tractors and most importantly we are buying their home grown produce which gives them the money they need, which then means they can expand and be a bigger, better company. All the money you spend locally will go back into the community to pay your neighbours wages, and to better the business in the future.

Supporting small businesses is also good for the environment as often we have a smaller carbon footprint than those larger companies, such as supermarkets.

Another way we support local businesses is when we run competitions, we always have offers from the local businesses around that would like to get their name out, we usually receive gift hampers or vouchers from them, for example last year we had received a large beautiful mixed box of fresh meat from, Holmes Farm Butchers,( )  we were so grateful they did this. They also leave us posters and a business card so we can display it on our board and we post on our social media for all our followers to see.

How do you support local? 

You, our friends, our families, and our neighbours must always remember without your help small businesses like us wont survive for much longer. Use us or Lose us. Support Small, and Support Local! 




Our shop opening hours are having a trial period on extending them to hopefully get the footfall we need to continue to open later for those who work later in the day. We need your help and support for that.

Starting from September 2nd our shop hours shall be changed to the following...

Monday- Wednesday 9-4pm

Thursday-Saturday 8-4pm


Wow, we have so much to update you on, lots of produce is now in stock, autumn has arrived and we’re ready for the cold days.

Now in stock we have, locally grown christmas trees, brussell sprout stalks, plum loafs, ready meals, jams, chutneys, cheese, all locally sourced.

We have local white and red potatoes- STEMSTER, MARFONA, MARIS PIPER.

They can come in 25kg bags, 12.5kg bags, and 2.5kg bags.

We are still extremely busy receiving all your home delivery orders which we are so happy for all the support you are all showing!

Don’t forget, if you are a member of a weight loss group, exercise class, or gym show us your proof and you will receive 10% off your orders and shopping! Without the proof we can’t offer the discount!

We also have a christmas tree competition! We have released our christmas order forms too.

Also another thanks to everyone who supports us on our Facebook page, as we have reached over 2,400 likes! We can’t thank all our customers enough for the support you show us! It’s incredible! So currently in the office we are thinking hard to come up with our best ever competition!

Thankyou for sharing us, for telling your friends about us, and just for spreading the news about us!

It’s important for small, local businesses like us to get the support the way we do.

Thankyou very much.

Team NHP.